4 hrs 4 crs; Prereq: English 170W.

This course explores theoretical formulations that inform the work of literary study, examining what different methodologies value, how they are articulated, and how they assign meaning to texts. The course focuses on at least three distinct critical methods, and it includes both the use of theory in interpreting specific literary texts and the critical scrutiny of theoretical texts themselves.

In this particular section of English 244, we will focus on biopolitics, Marxism, and psychoanalysis, and their intersections with feminist and queer theory, to examine how they intersect with each other and inform our readings of literary and cultural texts.

English 244 is part of the new required 200-level sequence for English majors who declared after Summer 2014.

Course Goals
By the end of this semester students will…
Understand how theory informs the study and analysis of literary texts.
Be able to compose essays informed by a theoretical analysis.
Develop tools and techniques that help with close reading difficult and dense texts.

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