• More detailed explanations of each of these assignments will be distributed in class at least 2 weeks before the due date.


    • Paper #1 (15%): In the first paper you will compare how biopolitics is represented differently in the film Children of Men and the novel by P.D. James. (4- 5 pages)


    • Research Paper (25%): The Research Paper will focus on either an expanded reading of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by placing the Marxist reading we do in class with other readings of the novel OR on how other theorists have read Antigone. (7-8 pages)


    • Annotation Assignment #1 (10%): For this assignment you will submit a short paper that annotates a passage in Literary Theory: A Short Introduction. You will first type up the passage, and include at least one annotation per sentence with your thoughts and questions on that particular sentence. More information will be explained in class.


    • Annotation Assignment # 2 (15%): This assignment duplicates the previous annotation assignment, except this time you will annotate two passages.


    • Key Words (15%):
      During the first half of the semester students will come to class with a typed list of three key theoretical words used in the text assigned for that day. These can be words that are unfamiliar and need to be defined, or they can be words that seem especially important to understanding the text. Students should briefly explain in 3 to 4 sentences why they chose this word, what it means in the text, and/or how defining it helps your understanding of the text.
    • Tweeting (10%): During every class two students will tweet our class discussion. Additionally, before every class you should post at least one question you have about the text. It can be a small question—about a particular word—or a large question—about the meaning of a reading. These tweets should be done as you read, and should appear on our Twitter feed by noon before class. Our class’s Twitter hashtag is #Engl244. Please also follow my Twitter feed @ProfWeingarten. I’ll post important announcements and changes there using the hashtag #Engl244. If you have a smartphone, I recommend downloading a free app that allows you to follow our class’s Twitter feed.


    • Participation (10%): This mark includes overall participation in class discussion and workshops.


    See schedule for due dates of the above assignments

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