Writing Center: Located in Kiely Hall 229, tutors there are trained to help you revise your writing at various stages. If you believe you need additional help with your writing, or if I ask you to set up a regular meeting with a tutor, you should make an appointment at least one week prior to when an assignment is due. You can also get online help by visiting their website at

Special Needs: The Office of Special Services for Students with Disabilities was created to make sure that students with disabilities have access to resources that will allow them to succeed at Queens College.  If you have any questions about services you might qualify for, visit their website at I’d also be happy to talk with you about any questions or concerns you might have.

Library Resources: You’ll be asked to make regular use of the library in this course. Make sure that your ID card is activated by the library so that you can check out books and access the library databases from home.

Important: Please see me if you ever have any issues concerning the class. I will be happy to help you if you’d like to discuss an essay before writing it, if you feel like you’re falling behind, if you’ve been absent or late and need to make up work, or for anything else. If you can’t make my office hours listed above, please talk to me after class or email me, and we can work something out. In my experience, students who are struggling always do better if they seek help early in the semester rather than wait until the final month to seek help.

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